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Kraut Buster MVS Gamecenter Kit *sold out*


A JAMMA version is currently scheduled for 2019.

Ships in 2nd quarter of 2018. See newsletter from 2018-01-04
Latest video #4
The exact date depends on beta testing results.

Shipping is done in order of purchase.
MVS LE->MVS RE->(waiting for final software update)->AES CE->AES RE

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Kraut Buster MVS Gamecenter Kit

KRAUT BUSTER is an action Run'n'Gun shooting game made for the 16 bit system NEO GEO.

Game features (exact details are subject to change):

  • Several long stages with varied and changing settings
  • 5-6 end bosses and several sub bosses
  • Mask feature: Wear different masks to change your characters abilities, your weapons, change your surroundings and enemy behaviors.
  • 2 player simultaneous mode. CO-OP: players can interact with each other.
  • 8-way: Allows to shoot in 8 directions
  • Swaying: Some weapons allow 16-direction by swaying with the joystick
  • Switch weapons: quick tap 'D' to switch between weapon I and II
  • Grenade hold: Hold joystick in direction to throw grenades more far
  • Ledge drop: Use the terrain and obstacles to your advantage
  • Position lock: Hold your position while aiming
  • Chain based scoring system to provide a long term challenge
  • Multiple heights/ways platforming for more ways to play the game
  • 3 "routes" / difficulties
  • Arcade perfect playtime of approx. 40 minutes per run (normal route)
  • Bloodpumping arcade soundtrack
  • 60FPS/60Hz twice as fluid, twice as responsive, zero the lag
  • Horizontal Run'n'Gun game


- Beautiful handcrafted true 16-bit pixel art
- large panoramic backgrounds with up to 9000px lenght with a lot of parallax elements
- big fully animated bosses
- tons of animation, little details and pixel love

Hardware Specs (MVS)

Will use approximately 784 Megabits (exact megcount is TBD)
Full digitized stereo soundtrack
Arcade / coin-op support
In-system software updates via USB port
Custom made PCBs
Custom made cartridge shell

Kit content:

  • 1x MVS cartridge of Kraut Buster
  • 1x Black ABS plastic shell (imperfections/Made in China)
  • 1x Long instruction paper
  • 1x Marquee
  • 1x Game DIP settings
  • 1x Cardboard box with sticker
  • 1x Antistatic bubble wrap bag for cartridge
  • Holographic serial number sticker

The kit content is still to be designed and will be shown at a later point.

Product page

CRT screen shots of alpha built (2016-12-22): More screens in higher resolution are on the product page.

Trailer #4 2017: Youtube

Trailer #3 2016: Youtube

Please view the product page and the FAQ section for limitations and compatibility notices of this product.


Product page: Product page

For extra protection you can choose "big box" shipping below. It's then packaged like a CE/Collector Edition.
MVS Kit paperwork is put in a separate box.

NEO GEO (TM) is a registered trademark of SNK PLAYMORE Corporation. Our NEO GEO (TM) software is not officialy licensed, designed, manufactured, distributed or endorsed by SNK/Playmore corp. of Japan.

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