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NGDEV Soundtrack Collection I
NGDEV Soundtrack Collection I
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Fast Striker 1.5 DC [Jewel][used]
34,00EUR 19,95EUR

In stock / ships one day a week (mostly Tuesdays)

Sold as used. Units are factory new and sealed but have imperfections:
Can have slight bruises/dust and rubber smudges from the packaging machine on the jewelcase and sometimes on the insert.

For SEGA Dreamcast:

  • Fast Striker 1.5 for Dreamcast [used]
  • Regular Edition [Reprint]
  • Professional printed CD / MIL-CD
  • Offset printed insert
  • Offset printed Full Color Game Manual: 12pages

Production: Offset printed Inlaycard, offset printed booklet, Jewelcase, professional CD pressing, full colour 12 page booklet, Japanese/English design

FAST STRIKER (URL: is a 2D arcade shooting game with emphasis on scoring originally developed for NEOGEO. The game lets the player choose between 4 game modes with different scoring systems. Novice Mode for beginners, Original Mode for classic Shoot' em Up players and Maniac for very experienced players. It features six stages of excellent 2D arcade game play with over 40 unique enemy types, super smooth 3D scrolling backgrounds, huge CGI bosses and it features the biggest megabit count ever since the beginning of NEOGEO games. FAST STRIKER will be ready for release on Dreamcast in Winter 2010.

Video: Youtube

Key Features


  • 6 carefully designed stages
  • 3 game modes: Original/Maniac/Novice/Omake
  • Maniac mode offers an elaborate scoring system with enough depth to provide hundreds of hours playtime
  • Up to 180 enemy bullets simultaneously on screen
  • 40+ fully animated CGI enemies
  • 6+ huge fully animated boss enemies
  • 3D scrolling CGI backgrounds
  • Constant 60 fps
  • Dynamic difficulty rank system which kicks in for experienced players

Supported Accessories (Dreamcast) :

  • VMU
  • VGA (requires a VGA box) / LOWRES
  • S-VIDEO and RGB at 240p
  • Original pad
  • Arcade stick (buttons are fully customizable)

REGION FREE / 60hz both NTSC and PAL60

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NGDEV Soundtrack Collection I
NGDEV Soundtrack Collection I
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Last Hope Pink Bullets DC [Jewel][used]
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