Pre-order Gunlord X CE / Gunlord 2 pre-financing

Posted by Timm Hellwig on

Dear customers,

for a long time we wanted to make a sequel to Gunlord and now is the time.
Our vision for Gunlord 2 is like Gunlord X not possible on 16 bit systems.
Without NEOGEO and DC sales for GL2 the budget needs to be augmented with a GLX CE + RZEX CE + GL2 CE.

Pre-orders for the Gunlord X Collector Edition starts 8. May 2022 21:00 (9 PM CEST).
The proceeds of this special releases will be used to kick start Gunlord 2.

We already had a Limited Edition in the past but this will be a proper Collector Edition.
The CE includes a new custom box, a newly designed OST, a new sticker set, a cloth map "World of Gunlord" and a hand painted figurine "Chibi Gunlord"

The CE and a RE reprint will be available here:

We got a lot of feedback from people that prefer pre-orders and will give it a try with the RE part of the production.
Producing a CE with a figurine and cloth map for the first time is a lot more complicated and will take some time. Probably around 3-4 months overall.

For the CE we are using a mixed pre-order model. The expected sales number is 500 units but the maximum limit is 1000 units.
We keep it open for 1 week until either 1000 units are sold or the time runs out.
We round up to the nearest 100, so if we have 550 orders we will produce 600. Production starts in June.
For the regular edition we keep pre-orders open for May.

Due to the fact this is a pre-order we can _not_ accept PayPal payments.
We can accept credit cards, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay (pending) and Klarna (EU).

The Gunlord 2 mockups and very early prototype screenshots can be found in our blog:

The Razion EX CE + RE are planned for Q3 2022 (Summer)

Best regards,