Pre-order Gunvein limited and regular edition for NSW

Posted by Timm Hellwig on

Dear customers,

pre-orders for the Gunvein LE and RE NSW start 14th October 2023 21:00 CEST (9 PM).

The LE and RE reprint will be available here:

Due to the fact this is a pre-order we can _not_ accept PayPal payments.
We can accept credit cards, Apple Pay and Klarna (EU). But remaining stock will be made available in January 2024 via PayPal.

To give customers without a credit card a better chance we split these orders in two parts. 1000 RE and 1000 (of 1500) LEs this year and the remaining units as in-stock orders in January 2024. For the in-stock units we can accept PayPal. More REs will be reprinted too in 2024. So if you don't get one this year next year is another chance.

The Gunvein LE + RE are planned to ship in January 2024.

We are offering UK shipping via a 3rd party service at additional costs.

About Razion EX CE

Shipping is delayed to late October/November due to a delay with the new CE artwork.

More details and as always production and shipping updates can be found in our blog posts:

Best regards,