Warehouse clearance for Razion EX (used) and Gunlord X (used)

Posted by Timm Hellwig on

Warehouse clearance for Razion EX (used) and Gunlord X (used)

Dear customers,

we are doing a small and quick warehouse clearance of the remaining stocks of (mostly slightly) flawed copies (B condition) that didn't pass our QA.

For details of flaws read the individual product's description.
We sell them as "used" / as is.

Orders open Sunday 3rd March 22:00 CEST (10 PM). 

In the first 48 hours we only allow orders with one unit of each per household from people who haven't ordered the respective product before.

If you are a new customer we recommend to create an account beforehand and make sure the address is correct.

To receive this newsletter make sure to confirm the subscription in the follow up email. Otherwise you won't receive the newsletter.

- We have over a hundred Razion EX RE (latest 2023 production)

- A hundred Gunlord X RE (various years).

- And a handful of each Gunlord X  LE and CEs.

As the items are in stock we can also accept Paypal.

You can find the items here: 


Other news:

Shipping of the remaining Razion EX CE units to non EU countries is
currently stalled due to a missing component. We expect it to continue in the next 7-14 days.

Shipping of Gunvein and new pre orders of Gunvein are currently expected in July.

Our first PS4 game will be available in a few weeks.

Best regards,