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Gunlord X Regular (Playstation 4)

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Officially licensed Sony Playstation 4 game

Gunlord X is a vastly improved and extended remaster of the critically acclaimed game Gunlord, originally developed for Neo Geo in 2012. Several new features were added, including a widescreen mode, new and improved stages, enemies and bosses!
Gunlord X is an exploration Jump'n'Shoot game.

The RE/Regular Edition comes with:

  • Gunlord X game for Playstation 4
  • Manual mini booklet
  • Latest / final software version


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Features added to Gunlord X:

  • Enlarged levels offering new secrets and challenges.
  • 4 new boss enemies
  • New Jet Pack action in a horizontal shmup stage
    Earn continues by collecting all big diamonds per stage.
  • Autosaving level progression. Finishing a level allows you to restart from the last level you died on.
  • Accomplishment and statistics screens
  • Newgame+ mode for speedrunners
  • Increased the viewport to support 16:9 widescreen
  • Scanline/RGB CRT TV shader
  • Increased sprite/particle effects
  • Alpha blending special FX
  • Nice parallax scrolling elements
  • Improved controls (direct control over the 360 snake beam with analogue stick)
  • Optional modern twin stick controls (control movement and shooting direction independently)
  • Fully customizable controls
  • Improved difficulty curve
  • Rebalanced weapon powerlevels
  • Stable 60fps in both docked/undocked mode


Supported languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian


USK rating: 12
The age rating is not on the box. It's only on the disc.

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