Razion EX Limited Edition (NSW)

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We will sell Razion EX (Nintendo Switch) in two batches.

1st batch of 700 units: 15. May 19:00 (7 PM CEST) batch 1 is sold out
2nd batch of 700 units: 05. June 19:00 (7 PM CEST)

For the 2nd batch the limit per order is 1 units of each. So max is 1x LE + 1x RE

The Limited Edition is exclusive to NGDEV-Direct

Razion EX Limited Edition (Nintendo Switch)

Orders with a CE/LE or with more than one item get shipped boxed.

Officially licensed Nintendo Switch game

RAZION EX is a horizontal 16 bit CGI shooting game.
The score system is based on growing gold cubes and using the beam
It has 3 game modes (NOVICE/NORMAL/MANIAC).

Novice mode is significantly easier and will allow more people to enjoy the great graphics and music.

    6 stages with varied settings
    6 huge end bosses
    7 sub bosses
    3 game modes
    Rendered 16-bit CGI graphics
    Horizontal shooting game
    60 fps

Print Run:

RE: 1500 units, less than 1400 available
LE: 1500 units, less than 1400 available

The Limited Edition (LE) comes with:

    Razion EX game for Nintendo Switch
    Limited Edition custom cardboard box
    Soundtrack CD
    Manual mini booklet
    Set of 4 postcards (included within the box)
    Sticker sheet with 3 stickers (included within the box)
    Numbering printed on the box


Product page

Changes for EX version:

- reworked game play
- re-balanced and reduced difficulty
- added bullet canceling for certain enemies
- reworked controls and ship movements
- upgraded graphics and added 32 bit effects
- upgraded to widescreen
- added scanline filter
- slightly reworked levels
- reworked scoring mechanics
- unlock-able continues
- added training mode for unlocked levels and bosses
- added small ending
- CD quality music

Supported menu languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian

USK rating: 12
The age rating is not on the box. It's only on the cartridge.

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